Saturday, July 18, 2009

Silver Heart Necklaces Perfect Gift for Daughter

Your daughter just did amazing thing in college or you just love her. Show it, fill her photo and your photos in this silver heart necklaces. Its got two sides for both your photo and hers. The perfect gift and dont forget to print this poem.

Daughter of My Heart
You turned out even better
Than I often dreamed you’d be;
You’re more than I had hoped for;
You’re a sweet reward to me.
You grew up to be a mother
Full of wisdom, warmth and love,
A good and fine role model,
A blessing from above.
I couldn’t be any prouder
Than I am today of you;
You’re my daughter and my friend,
And a wonderful person, too.
You have my love forever;
I adored you from the start;
It’s a privilege to be your mother,
Dear daughter of my heart.
By Joanna Fuchs

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